Niles Adventist School

7th & 8th Grades

The students have been immersed in Core Curriculum Math for 3 years. There are a lot of real life applications. We also have online resources at We have a lot of manipulatives and hands on applications.

Parents and Students: 

>   Math assignment are assigned on a daily basis. 

>   It is crucial that homework is completed and finished by the time students walk   
    through the school doors the next morning. Turning in late or unfinished assignments only
    creates extra steps in the completion of the assignment and a 25% decrease in the final
    grade of each assignment. 

>   Corrections are a must and given back daily. Corrections should be completed ASAP.

>   A student cannont take the chapter test until all assignments have been completed and all
     corrections have been perfected even if this process takes 1 or 10 times.

>   Calculators are not to be used unless told to by the teacher.

* PARENTS* Students are not allowed to use calculators on their assignments unless the book specifically directs them to in the directions given. I only allow calculators to be used when the directions specifically say to use a calculator. 


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